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Orders and ShippingChange Subscription Ship Date

Orders and Shipping

Change Subscription Ship Date

Please Note: You'll only be able to push your subscription's next charge date up to 28 days from today, up to three times. If you'd like to push it back further than 28 days, please choose "Contact Customer Care" for additional help.

Editing your next ship date refers to your upcoming subscription ship date and not a subscription order that has already been placed. If you have an order that you need canceled, please visit Cancel or Edit Order page, or you can choose "Contact Customer Care" for additional help.

Follow the guide below to change your subscription ship date:


Go to the Deliveries tab

Open your Pura app and go to the deliveries tab at the bottom of your screen.


Select 'Edit Ship Date'

Click the Edit Shipment Info button.


Update Shipping Date

Click on the current date and apply the preferred ship date.


Click Save to complete the request.

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