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April 11th, 2023

Redeem Reward Points On A One-Time Purchase

How to apply rewards to one-time orders

Rewards Program

With every purchase you make with Pura, you earn points! All of your points can be redeemed at anytime. Here's how to redeem points on a one-time purchase.  


1. Start by logging into your Pura account.
2. Sign into your account. 
2. Shop for and select which items you want for your one-time purchase, and add them to your cart. Make sure to click One-Time Purchase when adding items.
4. Review that the items you've selected are correct, then click Checkout. 
5. To see your rewards options, click Choose Reward. A dropdown will appear. Click on the reward you'd like to use. 
6. If you've successfully added your discount, you should see it as a tag on your screen, as well as a discounted overall price. 

Can I Use More Than One Discount? 

You can use one discount code per-order. Adding more than one discount code will remove any additional rewards from your order and only apply the most recent code. 


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