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Smart Wall DiffuserGoogle Assistant Feature

Smart Wall Diffuser

Google Assistant Feature

We strive to create value by integrating leading smart home systems that elevate the way Pura works for you. Our Google Assistant allows you to control your Pura using only your voice, creating a simple, easily accessible smart home experience.

Note: To use Google Assistant, update your Pura app to version 3.4.5 or newer.

Check your app version by opening your Pura app and clicking on the settings tab. Your version number will be displayed on the bottom of your screen.

Voice Commands for your Pura Diffuser through Google Assistant:
Power On

  • "Hey Google, turn on [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, power on [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, change slot to left/one on my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, change to the right/second slot on my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, set the active slot on my [room] Pura to [right or left], 1 or 2], [first or second]."

  • "Hey Google, turn off [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, turn on the light for my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, turn the light brightness [down/up] for my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, turn the light brightness to [brightness] for my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, turn the light brightness to [low.lowest.medium/high.highest] for my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

  • "Hey Google, change the color of my [room] Pura to [color]."

The following colors are accepted:
White, Red, Crimson, Salmon, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Cyan, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Lavender

  • "Hey Google, turn off the light for my [room] Pura (Diffuser)."

Questions you can ask Google Assistant about your Pura diffuser:

  • "Hey Google, is my [room] Pura (Diffuser) on?"

  • "Hey Google, what brightness is my [room] Pura (Diffuser) light at?"

  • "Hey Google, what is the active slot on my [room] Pura (Diffuser)?"

  • "Hey Google, what is the current intensity on my [room] Pura (Diffuser)?

Follow this guide to learn how to use the Google Assistant with your Pura Smart Diffuser:


Download the Google Home app

Download the Google Home app on the App Store or on Google Play, and sign into or create an account.


Click on your profile in the top right corner

Once your Google Home app has been downloaded and you've signed in, open it up and click on your profile in the top right corner.


Click on 'Assistant Settings'

A pop up will appear.


Click on 'Home Control'

Scroll down on the next page until you see Home Control with the lightbulb icon.


Click the Plus symbol

Here's where you can connect your Pura account and add your devices. Click the Plus symbol in the bottom right corner to continue.


Search for "Pura" in the Search Bar

Click on the Search Bar in the top right corner of your screen and search Pura.


Click 'Sign In' to continue

To link your Pura account, it's important to sign in with the same credentials you use for your Pura account.

You can use the Continue With Google option if you're signed into the Google Home app with the same email you use for your Pura account.


Choose a home to add your diffuser to, then click Next

If you don't have a home setup, learn how to set up a home Here.


Choose which diffuser you want to set up, then click Next

Your diffusers should populate automatically once you've linked your account.


Happy scenting!

Your diffuser should show up on the home screen once you've completed the setup, and from here you should be able to begin using voice commands.

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