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TroubleshootingCan't Smell Your Fragrances?


Can't Smell Your Fragrances?

We want you to have the best scent experience possible. To ensure you're getting the most out of your fragrances, let's go over the reasons why you could be experiencing no scent.

There's a possibility you may experience issues smelling your fragrance if the diffuser is placed near an air vent in your home. Cool air can cause the smell of the fragrance to fall to the floor. Placing your diffuser near an air intake vent may cause the fragrance to be ingested by your ventilation and eventually trapped by in-home air filters even when the diffuser is not running.

It's also not recommended to place and run your Pura diffuser near open windows, or exiting doors since this directs the fragrance flow towards the outside of your home.

Looking for tips on how to make your fragrance last longer, check out our conserve fragrance article.

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