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Orders and ShippingSwap Subscription Fragrances

Orders and Shipping

Swap Subscription Fragrances

Swap the fragrances in your subscription to keep new scents coming each month.

Learn how to swap them out by following this guide:

Please know we're working hard to ship that out to you as soon as possible. If you'd like, you can swap now to a different fragrance by following the guide below.

If you'd rather not swap fragrances, and after 30 days from the original shipping date we are still unable to ship the item, we will refund the outstanding balance on your order automatically


Go to the Deliveries tab

Open the Pura app and select the Deliveries tab on the bottom of the screen.


Click on the Swap Fragrance button.


Find the fragrance you would like to swap for and click on it.

When swapping fragrances of different values, be sure to note the price difference listed above the swap fragrance button. This difference can vary depending on which fragrances you are swapping.


Click Swap Fragrance to complete your request.


Check that you have successfully swapped your fragrance

Once you're done swapping your fragrance, you'll get a verification pop-up that says Swapped Product Successfully. And the new fragrance will be displayed, as seen below.

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