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Car DiffuserWhere do I place my diffuser?

Car Diffuser

Where do I place my diffuser?

Based on our extensive testing, we recommend placing the Pura Car on or near the center console for optimal results.

Additionally, the diffuser's proximity to your nose is a critical factor in maximizing the strength of the scent.

Please note that the Pura Car does not come with a strap for mounting purposes, but it can be used for cord wrapping and easy carrying.

Will my diffuser still work if I put it: Under the seat? In a cupholder? In the back seat?

Your diffuser will work no matter where you decide to place it. The diffuser's ability to scent the vehicle is minimally affected by placing it in these locations and they have become great solutions for those wishing to place the diffuser 'out of sight'. We suggest placing the diffuser near the center console for best scenting results.

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