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Car DiffuserHow to Update Pura Car Firmware

Car Diffuser

How to Update Pura Car Firmware

Please note: Allow 5-10 minutes to perform a firmware update.

Check out the how-to guide below.

Here are a few things that may be causing the issue:

  1. You're not in close enough vicinity to your Pura Car. Please be within 5-10 feet of your diffuser to connect.

  2. Your Pura Car is not receiving power. Make sure your diffuser is plugged into an active power source.

  3. Your power switch on the bottom of the diffuser is not toggled to the "On" position. Ensure your switch is flipped to "On". )))


Open App and Select Pura Car

Open your Pura app and click on the button My Pura Car.


Click Icon

Your overview screen will open. Here, you'll click Settings.


Diffuser Info

Next, select Diffuser Info.



Your diffuser's Hardware and Firmware versions will appear. If an update is required, you will have the option to click Update.

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