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May 12th, 2023

Pura Car FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Does my Pura Car have to be plugged in? 
The Pura Car does not have a battery, and will have to be plugged in during use. We recommend keeping the diffuser plugged in throughout the duration of operation. 

How big is the diffuser?

The diffuser is approximately 51mm in diameter and 71mm in height, making it a small, lightweight diffuser that can scent any size vehicle. 

Where should I put the diffuser in my car?

Your diffuser will work no matter where you decide to place it. The diffuser's ability to scent the vehicle is minimally affected by placing it in these locations and they have become great solutions for those wishing to place the diffuser 'out of sight'. For best scenting results, we suggest mounting the diffuser near the center console. 

Do I have to download an app to use it?

For the Pura Car diffuser to run automatically using the accelerometer, you need to set up  the diffuser on the Pura app. 

Does it work the same as the wall diffuser?

There are many similarities between the functionality of the wall and car diffuser. However, there are a few key differences. 

  • The Pura Car diffuser can only hold one fragrance at a time. 
  • The fragrance cartridges for car are different than the wall vials. 
  • Pura wall diffusers only work when plugged in and connected to WiFi.
  • Pura car diffusers are Bluetooth-enabled. 
  • Diffuser control in the app works effectively in the same way for both, but you’ll find that there are a few differences in appearance.

How do I change intensities?

You can change your intensities manually by pushing the button on the diffuser, or controlling it through the app. To manually change the intensity, press the button on the top of the diffuser once for high, twice for medium, three times for low, and four times for off. 

What is automatic mode?

Auto mode is a default setting that enables your diffuser to detect when you are in motion and begin scenting your space without manual intervention. It will also detect when motion has ceased and automatically turn off. This is so it only diffuses while you drive, making sure fragrance is never wasted. 

Does it need to be in range of Bluetooth to work?

In order to see changes reflected on the app, your smartphone must be in range of the diffuser and connected to Bluetooth. However, once you have onboarded your diffuser, the accelerometer will be activated and your diffuser should work whenever your car is in motion. You can manually adjust the intensities by pressing the button. 

What is an accelerometer?

An accelerometer is an instrument that measures vibration or acceleration. This is how the Pura Car diffuser will automatically scent when you start driving. 

How many fragrances does it hold?

The Pura Car diffuser will hold one single fragrance that lasts for 30 days. 

Can I subscribe to car fragrances?

Yes, you can subscribe to car fragrances on a 30-day subscription. You can find the subscriptions page on the Pura website.

How long do refills last? 

A cartridge refill will last an average of 30 days. Different climates will affect the lifetime of your refill. 

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