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January 24th, 2023

Order Cancellations & Alterations

How to cancel or alter an order

Cancelling Or Altering An Order

After an order is placed, we're unable to cancel or adjust anything to it. Once the order arrives, you may have the option of returning or exchanging the order. 

Please see our 
Return & Exchanges Policy to see if you qualify for one of these options.

Wondering Why An Order Was Placed For You? 

If you received a notification for an order you don't remember placing, the order is most likely a subscription order. When you place a new order with Pura, there are two options available to complete your purchase. The subscribe and save toggle, as shown below is what creates your subscription, and is the default choice. 
To purchase a fragrance without a subscription, toggle the switch to the one time purchase option. 
To view your current subscription items, you can do so on our website or in the app under the deliveries tab.

Returns & Exchanges

If you've received an order you didn't want, or have decided to return, please visit our Returns & Exchanges Portal to get your request fulfilled immediately, or see our Returns & Exchanges article for more information.
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