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January 24th, 2023

Conserve Fragrance

Tips for longer lasting fragrance

Get The Most Out Of Your Fragrance

There's many to conserve your fragrance when using your Pura diffuser to get the most out of each vial. Here's how:

Set A Lower Intensity

Adjusting the fragrance intensity can help to preserve your fragrance. To do this, open the Pura app, and select the fragrance you'd like to change. Then, click and drag the intensity bar to the desired intensity.
Please Note: Only one fragrance per diffuser can be running at any designated time. 

Use Schedules 

The scheduling feature is a great way to conserve your fragrance. This allows for the diffuser to only run at desired times and automatically turns off when not needed. For example, when you're sleeping, at work, at school, etc. Refer to our Schedules article.  

Use Away Mode

Away mode allows your Pura diffuser to automatically turn off when you're not around, ensuring that no oil is wasted while you're away. To learn more, check out our Away Mode article

Store Your Vials

Our fragrances have a long shelf life. If you replace a fragrance and there's still oil remaining in the old vial, you can store it for later use. This is a great option for seasonal fragrances that are not used year-round. Be sure when storing to secure the fragrance cap so that the wick does not leak or dry out, and to keep them in a cool, dry place. 
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