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August 18th, 2023

Weak Smell Variables

Reasons you may be experiencing weak scent

Can't Smell Your Fragrances? 

We want you to have the best scent experience possible. To ensure you're getting the most out of your fragrances, let's go over the reasons why you could be experiencing weak scent. 

Fragrance Strength

We've categorized our fragrance strengths in three ways:

You may have chosen a more subtle fragrance, so if you like a stronger scent, we recommend choosing a fragrance from our Strong category.

Fragrance Intensity

You can adjust your fragrance intensity by opening your Pura app, and selecting the fragrance you wish to control. Then, slide the bar to adjust your fragrance intensity, 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.

Note: Make sure your fragrance intensity is turned up to high (ex:8-10) to ensure your diffuser is heating to the correct capacity. 

Low Fragrance Levels

The Pura app will tell you when your fragrance is getting low. We measure oil levels based off of hours remaining. Here's how: 
  • High oil level is based on 101+ hours remaining
  • Medium oil level is based on 51-100 hours remaining
  • Low oil level is based on 0-50 hours remaining

When a fragrance reaches low, it's time to replace it with a refill, even if there's some oil remaining inside. Not all fragrances will burn 100 percent of their oil. 

We also recommend manually checking your fragrances oil levels. To check your fragrance oil levels, remove the vial and on the side of the fragrance vial there should be a clear strip where you will be able to see how much oil is remaining. If the oil level is very low, we recommend replacing that fragrance. 


There's a possibility you may experience issues smelling your fragrance if the diffuser is placed near an air vent in your home. Cool air can cause the smell of the fragrance to fall to the floor. Placing your diffuser near an air intake vent may cause the fragrance to be ingested by your ventilation and eventually trapped by in-home air filters even when the diffuser is not running.

It's also not recommended to place and run your Pura diffuser near open windows, or exiting doors since this directs the fragrance flow towards the outside of your home. 
If you are still having trouble smelling your Pura, you can visit Weak Smell Troubleshooting‍ to test if your diffuser is working correctly.

Conserving Fragrance

For the best home fragrance systems, you can extend your fragrance lifetime by following the tips in our Conserving Fragrance article. 

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