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January 24th, 2023

Away Mode

What is Away Mode and how does it work?

Save Your Fragrance With Away Mode

The Away Mode feature is a great way to conserve your fragrance. Away Mode tracks your location through your mobile device, turning off any running diffusers when you're away so that no oil is wasted when you're not home. The diffuser will resume when you get home. Away Mode will override any set schedules you have. Please visit our Priority of Features article for more info. 

Note: To enable Away Mode, set the Pura app location permissions to Always Allow. You can read more about Pura's privacy policy here.

Enabling Away Mode

1. Select the Menu bar on the diffuser you'd like to set up with Away Mode.

Note: You must be at the location where the diffuser is located while setting up Away Mode. 
2. Select Away Mode in the dropdown menu. 
3. Select the toggle to enable Away Mode.
4. Click Yes to allow location permissions.
5. If your toggle is switched to the right as shown in the image below, away mode is turned on and your finished!
Fun Tip: Away Mode can work with more than one mobile device. If two or more people want to have Away Mode work for them, each person just needs to log into the same Pura account from their phone. 
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